Sunday, June 21, 2009

Turtle, Mr. Turtle

Olivia found a tiny snapping turtle on our lawn last night. That is one lucky turtle. Pat just mowed the lawn Friday night and raked it yesterday morning. How the heck did he survive that and how the heck did he make it to our yard. We live on a hill on a busy main street and the river is across the street from our house.
Of course Pat and Olivia want to keep him. I said o.k. but it is THEIR pet. I already have enough things to feed, clean and take care of. I think he will be going back into the wild when the summer is over. These things get huge and I don't really know if he will survive in captivity.
Here he is, Mr. Turtle.

1 comment:

Tripletmom said...

Very cool turtle!

Good luck with getting THEM to take care of it, though!!!!