Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New lenses are on their way!

I went to my optometrist and in my naturally loud voice told the salesperson that these are the worst glasses I have ever had and that I am afraid to get another set of lenses from them because they might do the same thing. She said she would order a different type of lens and that I shouldn't have a problem. She said she would give me half off on my prescription. Half off on my Rx is a lot!! So that would be $82 with half off. Then I told her I wanted transition lenses (I am blinded by the sun even on overcast days so they are now a necessity) which is another $98 (discount of $33). So new transition lenses for $180. This pair of glasses originally cost me over $300 (without the transition lenses) WITH my insurance discount so this seems like a bargain! And they should be in in a week to a week in a half. I can't wait to see clearly and not be squinting my watering eyes out in the sun!