Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Books, lights and music

Stephen has made some real spontaneous progress in the past week.

He has started to turn off lights when he leaves a room (except his room)!! We prompted him to do this for about a week weeks ago and he has suddenly started doing it on his own.

He was home yesterday with tummy troubles and every time I went into his room and he had his music really loud he would turn it down immediately without me saying anything : )

I started my day feeling pretty crappy. Mondays are my bad days. However, I had tons of laundry to do, as usual, and other chores that had to be done. Once I got my chores done and took a shower I got a burst of motivation. I weeded out Stephen's book collection.
These are in a box in the basement. I showed him what I removed and he didn't seem to care. If he doesn't touch them or take any out after a week I will donate, sell or throw them away depending on their condition.

This is what was left of his collection. I organized them and showed him what I did. He really liked it. I and Pat decided that we will not buy him books unless he has shown us online or in a store that he wants them. This will hopefully keep his bood collection full of books that he really enjoys.

Now there is room to grow!

I also did some organizing in Olivia's room and removed some things she doesn't need anymore.

I am in the mood to gut things again. I am going to try to list a whole bunch of stuff I have been putting aside on ebay and get it out of the house!! Some extra money would be nice too : )


Jenn said...

I so need to go through my kids toys and books. We also have so many books. I am hoping to donate most of them to the library. As for the toys, I will probably end up throwing most away, because of missing pieces.

Thanks for the post. It is very motivating! :)

Queenbuv3 said...

I'm glad I could motivate you in weeding some things out. It seems to be a never ending task in this house! Good luck : )

Tripletmom said...


We have tons of books! Having three the same age with different interests and trying to get 2 of them interested in reading is a chore! At least one is a voracious reader, thankfully - or else her sun allergy would prove to be a lot more difficult for her to handle.

I recently went through the living room bookcase and cleaned out all the "baby books". I need to do that in their rooms now... and with the toys - ugh!

Lots of our toys have missing pieces, too, and books are ripped up (and taped 50 times lol) or have broken bindings, but I am able to donate some at least.