Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Stop and smell the roses

Having Olivia home all day is going really well. Her behavior has been much better since she has been having 1/2 a can of Coke 2 times a day. Yes, I am letting my daughter drink some soda to help her with her ADHD. No, I am not crazy. It seems to be working for her so Yay, me! We made Sculpey magnets yesterday (we need to glue the magnets on the back today). Olivia made the one on the bottom. I just wrote my name in cursive on a piece of paper and she was able to sculpt it.

We also played almost one full game of croquet. I was enjoying it and she quit when she saw I was winning : (

She has made me slow down and do more recreational things instead of running myself into the ground with chores, errands and phone calls. She is also very bright and articulate so I get to have conversations with her which are always interesting and revealing : )

How are you all doing with your chicklets home for the summer?

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