Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cloth pull-ups and bedwetting

My daughter still wets the bed. She has always slept in a diaper or pull-up. She is almost 7 1/2 and I am sick of the cost and worried she will never become night trained. When Stehen was ready to be potty trained I had to take away his pull-ups and let him pee and poop in his underwear when he was at home. He had become desensitized to feeling wet and poopy. Eventually, he didn't like the feeling and started using the toilet. This took about a year of me soaking, rinsing and then washing poopy and urine soaked underwear and pants but worked and was soooo worth it. I think my daughter is not becoming night trained because she is a heavy sleeper and she is not feeling wet when she pees in her sleep.

SOOO, I went on ebay to find cloth pull-ups that fit her. Luckily, she is slim for her age and I found Potty Patty 2 in 1 waterproof cloth training pants in XL. I ordered 3 pairs. They came yesterday. One pair was a medium which I will be sending back for an XL. I washed and dried them and they are really soft inside and out. My daughter wore them last night and stayed dry all night!!! I am curious to see how well they contain the pee when she does pee in her sleep. Hopefully she is on her way to getting up to go pee in the middle of the night.

Do any of you have any stories about potty training?


Anonymous said...

I'm struggling with my son (he'll be five in September) and potty training right now. He's pretty much mastered the peeing in the toilet, but he doesn't self initiate. As for poop... no way. He'd much rather unload a load in his underwear than a toilet! Sucks. I have no idea how to figure this out.

My three year old daughter is training at the same time... and she's doing it all on her own... self initiating and pooping in the toilet. I'm so proud... and so freaked about how to get my son to do the same. I know eventually it will come... but I'm so sick of the poop, man! LOL.

Queenbuv3 said...

Is having a BM really painful and distressing for your son?

This was one of the reasons it took my son so long to poop in the toilet. He still gets very worked up when one is coming and we can tell he has to poop by his behavoir. I know it is hard to be patient but he will do it when he is ready. My son was not fully potty trained until he was 7 and after a year of peeing and pooping in the toilet he started pooping in his pants for about six months. I knew that it was just a phase because he had been doing it in the toilet and figured he was going through something that would pass. He has not had a bm accident since. He does still need help with wiping, which I am so used to that it doesn't phase me after dealing with whole big poops out of his underwear and cleaning his room after he smeared it everywhere.

It can be difficult for a normal kid to potty train let alone a child with any kind of sensory/conginitive problems. My daughter was still having accidents in kindergarten.

We just kept having him go into the bathroom when he acted like he needed to poop and when he succeeded, gave him a lot of praise. I have found that my son can't be rushed into learning a skill. He lets us know when he is ready to go to the next level with something.

If there is anything specific that you are having a problem with, run it by me and maybe I can help you figure out some things to try. I have been through it all with my son, trust me! I still pinch myself when I think that my potty trained little man is the same kid that used to smear his poop all over the place and scream and freak out every time we just sat him on the toilet!

LAA and Family said...

I just replied this evening to a post on a local yahoo group about this issue. Someone's 7 year old son was still wearing pull ups to bed at night and wasn't quite ready to give them up. My NT 7 year old son just stopped wearing pullups over this past winter, and thankfully isn't wetting the bed so much anymore.

My son with autism went through toilet training the summer before he started kindergarten, age 5. Peeing was pretty easy to get through.. it just took a few weeks of camping out in the bathroom until he went. It was a big deal then, but I hardly even recall it now. Pooping took a lot longer for him to do on the potty. Now, at age 10, he does very well. The only issue I have left is that he cannot wipe himself very well. We're working on that, but it's hard because he doesn't have much strength in his hands.

Queenbuv3 said...

LAA and family-Yes, the pooping in the toilet was much harder for my son to learn or even want to do. He also, needs help wiping. He can do it pretty well, but won't if you aren't there to make him do it. He definately worries about getting it on his hands (still can't beleive this is the same kid who used to smear!!!) so he will wipe and then sniff his hand. He also has very weak hands which makes it difficult.