Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Communication, yes, please!

Last night after dinner Stephen walked into the sensory room saying, "Toys". He wanted to play with the 2 new toys I bought for the kids yesterday. He has never said toys spontaneously and it isn't a word we have worked on with him. He said it again this morning after his bread and jelly because he wanted to play with one of them! He also is saying, "blueberries" and "mac and cheese". Yes, he ate blueberries and leftover mac and cheese this morning after his bread and jelly. Breakfast of champions!


Tripletmom said...

He's getting it!

I say it, I get it = Communication

(aka "WOW, they really cannot read my mind!")

Queenbuv3 said...

I still say he will be a chatter box someday. He already is with his quotes but I think he is finding his own voice and his own words and they will just keep coming : )