Monday, September 13, 2010

Are some kids just sickly or do they have some undignosed health issue?

Olivia has already missed 2 1/2 days of school due to being sick. We are just entering the third week of school. She was out of school last Tuesday after we all spent that holiday weekend feeling yucky and tired. She came home early Firday because she went to the nurses office twice, vomited on the second trip. She was complaining of a sore throat, headache, slight temperature and with the vomiting Pat took her to the doctor for a strep test. She had strep 3 times over the summer and she knows what she feels like when she has it and she said it felt like strep this time. When she has strep she gets VERY sick VERY quickly. She once ended up with Scarlet Fever because I didn't take her to the doctor until she had a sore throat for three days. We don't mess around when she says her throat is really sore and she has a fever. Her rapid strep came back negative. She spent this weekend on a sick roller coaster ride, sick one minute then burst of energy the next. She is home again today. Of course, a cold for her could become much worse. With her illness induced Asthma we are always anticipating that she will end up with bronchitis or pneumonia and need a breathing treatment and end up on Prednisone.

Why is she always sick? Are some kids just sickly? Do you have a sickly kid?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Quick update

Me and Sassy

Here is our 5 month-old kitten, Sassy. Photo above taken 6/27 and below taken 7/16. We've had her since she was 6 weeks old. My husband surprised me by bringing her home one night! He spoils me : ) She has been full of mischievous kitten energy and curiosity. She is also a little snuggle bug, she is on my stomach as I type (I'm laid out in the recliner to accommodate kitten plus laptop) She also brought fleas with her : ( We just did our 3rd round of Frontline on all the cats. I have most of her younger photos of her on my old computer which is in a box in the basement.

Stephen is doing great at his new school!! He is now in middle school with kids his own age and the classroom is QUIET. Nothing against the kids in his old class but Stephen has severe sensory issues and has had to endure their screaming and screeching for years. I think it was one of the biggest meltdown triggers for him. In some ways being exposed to such irritating audio conditions has helped desensitize him to high pitched noises. His new teacher, one to one and staff are upbeat, friendly and really care about the students. Anyone with a special needs child knows how crucial and influential the attitude and "vibes" of the people around them are to them being happy and able to make progress.
I was worried that pulling him out of summer school and him having such a long break in routine would make his transition to a new school more upsetting for him but it hasn't : ) He also hasn't shown any signs of academic regression. He is independant in the classroom and able to do what is asked of him. He will be working in the library as he did at his old school.
Olivia is enjoying her new teacher and has made one new friend. No complaints from her so far. I'm not impressed with her new teacher yet. She had no homework the first week of school.

Stephen will be having a dental exam, cleaning, work, etc. under general anesthesia for the first time in a couple weeks. This is a first for all of us and I'm really hoping he is able to get through it without feeling too scared. He has been going to our current dentist for years but has never had a thorough exam and cleaning. We have had to restrain him for fillings and crowns. We think he has just gotten to the point that it is becoming too traumatic for him to go to the dentist. He wouldn't even let the hygienist brush his teeth with a regular toothbrush the last time we took him. When his exam was done I put the feelings page up on his communication device and asked him how he was feeling. He touched the "mad" icon, touched the box at the top (will speak the icons you put in there), cleared the box and then touched "mad" again!
Olivia went to a gastroenterologist with her dad and has been taken off the Prilosec and hasn't had any episodes of GERD for a month : )