Friday, June 26, 2009

No more stinkin' crowns to be pulled!!

The kids had their dental appointments today. Stephen would not sit through a cleaning, again. Gee, maybe it's because the last 4 times he has been there he has had to have a baby tooth pulled because of the crown. I also think it is because the dental assistant was not warm and fuzzy. She is the first person there that I have not liked. She kept trying to tell me that they were going to have to hold him down and that they would papoose him to pull his tooth. Yes, I said I was there to help hold him down and reassure him. I told her it would not be necessary to papoose him because the numbing stuff on the Q-tip and the Novocaine shot were the hardest parts for him and that pulling the tooth would be a piece of cake. I told her this is the 4th time I have helped with an extraction. Her attitude was so impatient and not friendly that I was glad I was with Stephen to advocate for him. He survived the pull and actually skipped, SKIPPED, through the parking lot after on our way to the car! That was the last crowned tooth he has and he won't be losing anymore teeth!! Yipee!!

Olivia had another cavity (darn GERD). She has the worst teeth. She has been on medication for her GERD since birth and used to foam at the mouth while sleeping, was still spitting up in kindergarten even though she was on medication! Does anyone else's child have this problem?

So Olivia has to go back for her filling : (

How is dental care for your kids?

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