Thursday, May 21, 2009

They had a V8!

Actually, a V8 V-fusion popsicle.
I have been making juice popsicles for my daughter for about six months with o.j. and Juicy Juice. Stephen loves popsicles but won't touch my homemade ones. Until.... I made them with V8 V-fusion juice. Olivia got one out of the freezer and he started pointing and said "Posicle, posicle". He tried it and he loves them! I am so excited by this because he won't eat fruits or veggies (sometimes goes through phases of eating blueberries). The only veggie he eats is the tomato sauce on the pizza I make. He also stopped drinking juice years ago and will only drink water.
This juice is awesome! I love fruits and veggies but don't feel like I eat enough of them. It tastes really good. I also have $1.00 off on one coupons and they are $2.97 at Walmart right now. This juice has veggie and fruit juice. It is 100% juice. I'm hoping I can puree some fresh fruit with it and make pops to get some more fruit in him without him knowing it!


Alicia (aka Dr. Mom) said...

What an AWESOME idea! im totally going to do this w/ my little picky eaters :)

Queenbuv3 said...

I'm still so jazzed about him eating these. I let him eat them until they run out. He has always been constipated and had hard BMs. It still amazes me that I was ever able to potty train him because BMs still get him worked up (walks and jumps around and looks agitated before) because they seem uncomfortable for him. No issues with diarrhea yet since he started eating the popsicles. I read the labels on the different V8-Vfusion juices and 3 in particular have the most vitamins. So check the labels. Let me know if your kids will eat them too. Now I just need more popsicle molds!