Sunday, May 3, 2009

The sensory room is complete!!

And behind curtain number 2.....

This is the "right" side of the curtain that faces our living room. These are black out curtains and really work well in blocking out the light. We hung it with a shower curtain tension rod.

The shoes had to stay. I tried to make them as inconspicuous as possible.

Totes with sensory goodies in them.

Ginormous ball pit with 2000 balls!

Balance board and broken computer desk chair. Stephen somehow broke the back piece within a week of purchase. It is great for spinning around on.

After recently completing my engineering degree I was finally able to put this marble race together. Denim ottoman from his glider set. It took up too much room in his room so I put it in the sensory room. It is great for rocking on.

Trampoline. He can't get enough of the one at school and doesn't want to go near this one!

With the lights off and rope light on. Has 8 different functions for different effects. PLEASE give me some suggestions on how to display this in a more appealing way! Keep in mind that I rent and don't want to put tons of holes in the walls. Screws are acceptable. Would love to do some sort of shape.

Lava lamp and Litecubes (freezable light cubes for drinks) These can flash (never will be used in this mode, too annoying) I took a much better picture of them but for some reason I am not able to drag any pictures in this post. I will have to post them separately.

The 3 nubby things are from the $1 store. The big red ball is awesome (Target)! It has some weight to it and is a little stiff but squeezable, my son loves it. They are all dog toys. The Spongebob flash light has little plates that can be put in it and can project the pictures on them.

Peg toy. Feels cool on your hand.

Various brushes. 2 on left are from $1 store.

Weighted cat I made out of an old Ty Beanie Buddy. Stuffed with taped snack bags of rice.


Tripletmom said...

Looking good! Thanks for the pics. I'm not a crafty type and have no ideas about a shape... what do the kids like?

Jen said...

How cool! I found these two posts by clicking on your Sensory Processing Disorder link. Our older two, 17 and 15, would have loved to have a room like that when they were younger...probably still would! Our 3 year old would definitely have a blast!

Queenbuv3 said...

Jen-Thanks for dropping by my blog!