Sunday, May 10, 2009

Best Mother's Day ever : )

No, I was not taken to a fancy restaurant, showered with diamond jewelry or given a gift card to a spa.

I was woken up by my husband and daughter this morning. My husband had a tray with a wheat bagel with chive cream cheese from Dunkin Donuts, coffee and the Sunday paper. This is the first Mother's Day I have been served breakfast in bed : ) And it was wonderful.
Then Stephen woke up and had his bread and jelly with his seizure medication in his room and then Pat brought Stephen in so he could see me open up the Mother's Day presents he brought home from school on Friday.
Pat had him say Happy, Mother's, Day and Stephen repeated each word after he said it. Then Pat said it as a sentence and Stephen repeated it. Stephen faced me at the edge of the bed and watched me open the present. He kept looking in my eyes and then at the presents.

I said thank you and that I loved what he made for me. And then opened the other present. He stayed at the side of the bed and watched me.

I turned the wheel and read each word that appeared in the cut out rectangle and thanked him for making it for me and that I loved it. He leaned towards me and made his little happy sounds and put his hand on my shoulder and rubbed his cheek on my cheek and then grabbed my upper arm and rubbed his cheek on it. This is the way Stephen shows his affection for people. He does not just do this anytime or with anyone. It is reserved for those close to him. He has never done this after I have opened presents that he has given me. He has never been so interested in watching any of us open present from him. It brought tears to my eyes : ) And then he ran off to his room. The gift of LOVE! What a great present : )

I was then left in bed alone to enjoy my breakfast and Sunday paper. On the front page was an article about mothers in jail and how heartbreaking it is for them to be separated from their children. Regardless of how they got there it made me feel very sad for them. There was another article on the front page about mothers who have lost a child. Sometimes as mothers, especially stay at home moms, we are so busy and stressed and tired with all our responsibilities that we forget how special everything we do with our children is. We forget how lucky we are that we are physically with our children every day or that our children are alive. More tears. I am such a softy. I felt like the most blessed mother on Earth at that moment.

I finished my paper and came downstairs to pay our bills online. Stephen wanted to go on the Internet. He had been waiting his turn all morning. Pat had gone on to play guitar and now I was paying bills. I explained that I had to pay the bills and then he could go on. He stood there over my shoulder waiting. Our printer is now out of reach when the computer desk is open. So I printed a receipt and asked Stephen to get it for me and he did. I printed another and he gave it to me after I asked him to get it. The next one printed and he handed it to me without me asking. And he grabbed the next one and so on. Another priceless gift from Stephen on Mother's Day : )

Here are some of the other gifts that my children gave me this week. Olivia couldn't wait to give me any of them and gave them to me as she brought them home. Not to be outdone by her brother this morning she made me a couple drawings and paper crafts. I really love the handmade gifts because they show that my children are growing and thriving. What more could a mother ask for?.

This is a box Stephen made in OT, love the bling bling!
I could have done anything with my day today and even considered a little shopping. Instead I decided to watch "Bolt" with Pat and Olivia and celebrate Mother's day by staying home and being a mother.

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What a great day!!!