Sunday, May 3, 2009

Stephen proof computer

I finally Stephen proofed the computer. Mine and my husband's sides of the computer are password protected and the only internet account the kids can access has parental controls. We have implemented a 1 hour timer to help him deal with having to get off the computer. It has made the transition easier every time he goes on the internet.


Tripletmom said...


We use timers for everything, they are wonderful! They can always look to see just how much time is left and it really helps transitions.

The triplets take turns and we set timers for however long it is they are allowed to use the "whatever it is". We set timers for when it is time to start getting ready to leave, when it is time to start getting ready for bed, etc.

We also have set up system where the calendar is marked with an alternating child's name every day. That person gets to 'go first' on the computer or who gets to sit in the middle seat of the van instead of the back seat (which seats 2) or who gets first choice on picking a TV show/movie to watch, who gets to push the button on the elevator, etc - whatever issue may come up.

Queenbuv3 said...

My daughter always asks for me to put the timer on when she is looking forward to something fun. Unfortunately, the timer doesn't go up to 8 hours which is usually how long she keeps asking me, "How long before x,y,z?"

Tripletmom said...

Ah, we have several double 24 hour timers.

That one

LAA and Family said...

We really need to get some password protection on our computers too, oh my gosh! Yesterday I walked in and Samuel had some kind of file check going on.. the kind of thing that scares the heck out of you.. blue background, real digital looking font on the screen. When it was all over I had a message that my Windows Registration info was "successfully recovered." I don't even want to know what he tried. We use timers as well, and "countdown cards"

Queenbuv3 said...

My son has his own computer without internet access because we have seen him do so much that we have no idea how he does it and we want to protect him from all the icky stuff on the internet. I'm really surprised at how much restraint he has shown in not trying to use our computer since we stopped locking it up a couple years ago. Thank God for parental controls and passwords!!

Queenbuv3 said...

Tripletmom, I will definately have to look into getting one of those 24 hour timers for my daughter!