Friday, May 1, 2009

Stinkin' chewables + limp bean bags=no family time

The doctor prescribed antibiotic pills because I told him she can take pills. She has been taking Prilosec for a couple years now and has always taken the pill form of whatever medication she needs.

So Olivia and I drop the prescription off at CVS through the drive thru and my husband picks it up a couple hours later while running errands. I look at the bottle and the info sheet that comes with it and it says chew 2 tablets twice a day. That's strange, I know the doctor gave her a prescription for pills. I open the bottle and take a sniff. YUCKY! She is supposed to chew these!? So I figure maybe this is what she is supposed to have and give it to her. She chews it. It is so disgusting that she refuses to take the second one. I really can't blame her. If they taste anything like they smell I wouldn't take them myself. So now I'm really upset thinking the doctor screwed up. I'm also upset because my poor daughter who already feels like total crap is being forced by me and my husband to take these pills that we don't even think she should have to take. I call and explain the situation to the receptionist who puts me on hold. She comes back and asks me if she can swallow them! They are horse pill size and are supposed to be chewed. She tells me the doctor will call me back.

I decide to call CVS and find out what happened on their end with this prescription. They tell me that because of her age that they decided to change it to chewables. WHY?! Isn't that illegal or something? Granted it is the same antibiotic in the same dosage but the doctor wrote the prescription for pills for a reason. Is it just me or do pharmacists think they are a poor man's doctor or as smart as a doctor? No offence to any pharmacists reading this but I had to grind up the second one and put it in chocolate ice cream while my daughter cried and I had to watch her eat it! Then when they said they would take the chewables back and exchange them for the pills I had to go out after my husband just got home!!

I had to go out anyway because was on my poop list today as well. My husband had picked up the two giant rectangular bean bags I had ordered from and had been deliverd site to store (love it!!). I opened the first box and it seemed a little limp and not as puffy as the one on the website. I think, maybe that is what you get. Disappointing to say the least. Until.....I take the other one out of the box and it is full, firm and puffy. Well, the other one had to go back! So here is a photo of the kids enjoying the new bean bag.

Yes, it is ginormous! This will also serve as a "crash pad" in the sensory room.

So part of the reason all this is so annoying is that Pat usually has Fridays off. I'm not upset that one of the kids is home sick because we can usually just all hang out and have some family time. However, Pat had a meeting a half hour away this morning and then I had to leave to take Olivia to her appointment the minute he got back. He then had to leave the minute we got back to run errands. And then, I had to go out and return stuff. So we basically have had very little "family time" today. Ugh : (

Well, Olivia is starting to feel better. I should thank God we live in a country where we have access to good, not perfect, health care and ginormous bean bags. And that beanbag is the first thing I have had to return out of many items I have had delivered site to store from God bless America ; )


Casdok said...

Glad Olivia is beginging to feel better.
Love the bean bags! Hope they dont kick up a fuss when you return one.

Queenbuv3 said...

Yes, she is playing as we speak compared to just laying down all day yesterday. As much as I hate medicine it does work miracles most of the time!

Tripletmom said...

Very glad she is getting better and you were able to return the medication.

You know, hives can be caused by viruses and some bacteria. Maybe that was the first symptom of this illness? I hope so and she is not plagued by an allergy of some sort!

Queenbuv3 said...

Tripletmom, Forgot to mention the doctor said the hives very well could have been the first symptom of the strep! She had strep last year which turned into Scarlett fever : ( She just seems to get sick a lot. She also had a stomach flu that had her throwing up for 24 hours this year as well as a bug that gave her diarrhea for 4 days! She just got over Pneumonia about a month ago which was preceded by the flu. Poor thing. I hope she is going to end up with a really strong immune system from getting all these illnesses : )

Tripletmom said...

I keep missing some of your posts, I just now saw the ones about going to the doctor. Sorry I repeated what you said the doctor has already said lol.

We are sick all the time, too. During preschool someone was home sick every day from school, at least now at almost 9 there are a few days in between lol. My son tends to get scarlet fever at least once a year, too.

It would be nice if that meant their immune systems are going to be better as they grow up, and I hope that is what it means for your kids! But mine have MY genes unfortunately, lol. I was catching everything as a child and still do at ripe ol' 42. BT (before-triplets) if someone at work had a grandchild that had strep, even if the grandmother didn't catch it and the grandchild never came into the office, *I* did! It was like they brought in one strep germ on their purse and it immediately found me and flew across the office to get to me. :( Poor kids!