Sunday, April 19, 2009

What links dirty hands, check out lines and the bathroom?

My phone ringing!!!

My husband always calls me when I am up to my elbows in dirty water, cleaning out the cat litter box, putting dirty dishes in the dishawasher and I have to wash my hands before I can answer the phone. To be fair, I am phobic about germs, not OCD yet, but I wash my hands so much they look like they belong to a 60 year old not a 36 year old. Also, being a homemaker, I have lots of dirty things to clean and touch (think dirty laundry i.e. underwear and socks, ladies you know what I am talking about!) and therefore wash my hands every 15 minutes, so the chances are high he will call when I have dirty or wet hands. He also calls right after I get out of the shower and am freezing with wet drippy hair. He always calls me in the check out line. Always. In this day and age I guess I should be happy that after almost 10 years of marriage my husband calls me frequently and wants to talk to me : )

My mother also calls me when I am in the checkout line or when I am getting my son off his bus and have an armful of his books and his bag and I'm trying to hold his hand. It's not like I call her all the time in the middle of a cleaning job or when SHE is trying to leave the house! I do. All the time.

No one else ever calls me. I have very few friends who are very busy like me with children and errands and housework. If anyone else calls it is one of my children's schools or teachers or a doctor's office confirming an appointment. I could be at home folding laundry, on the computer or doing the budget and hours will go by and the phone will not ring. The minute I finally get a chance to take a shower, the phone rings! Or I am on the toilet and the phone rings! I am literally walking out my door to get in the car (hate driving and using the cell phone, very dangerous) and the phone rings!

If I ever feel lonely and think noone cares that I exist, all I have to do is go to a store and stand in the checkout line, stand in my open doorway with keys in hand and my purse, sit on the toilet, take a shower, put my hands in something dirty or just have wet hands and wait for the phone to ring : )

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Tripletmom said...

LOL! It seems that the school only calls me with a problem when I'm in the shower, no matter what time of day I take one. It amazes me, the shower is a phone call magnet!