Saturday, April 25, 2009

The sneakiness

My son is quite amused with himself right now. If he could carry on a conversation he would be bragging on the phone to one of his friends about his accomplishment. We moved my archived photos to the attic because he kept getting into them when they were stored under our bed.

Since then he has been looking around in our room trying to find them. He just found them. In the attic. The attic just has a spring eye and hook on it. I told him in a vary serious tone of voice that he should stay out of the attic and that he messed up all the totes he went through. He just kept smiling and the more I kept telling him how upset I was and why I was upset the more he kept smiling...almost giggling. The little bugger. So proud of himself and the sneakiness. He knows that you gotta be smart to be sneaky. I'm a little proud of him myself : )

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