Monday, April 20, 2009

Can you get a degree in Mother Goose?

My son was in his room looking distressed this morning. I had him sit in his glider rocker with the weighted stuffy cat I made him a couple nights ago to see if he just needed to do something calming to relax. He looked me right in the eyes, very serious and said, "Mother Goose", a couple times. I handed him his copies. He pushed them back at me. I told him we weren't going to go get Mother Goose and that he had his right here.

I went downstairs and asked my husband if he would take our son to the bookstore and see if he would pick out some books. He hasn't picked out books since Christmas. You'll never guess what he picked out and had to have.......

Good ole reliable Mother Goose. Apparently my son showed some restraint or rather a preference for a particular type of Mother Goose book in making his selections. He actually had more to choose from than the three he picked out. He also perused the dictionaries but put them all back.

I think he is on his way to becoming an expert in Mother Goose!

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