Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lights aren't on but somebody's home

My son likes his room dim. He prefers to not have his light on and have his curtains open when he is in his room. In fact that is why none of our windows have blinds (he has broken many blinds trying to look outside or just open them). My son's windows have curtain rods with tab top curtains for easy opening and closing. Even at night he will be in his room with the curtains open and no lights on. When he does turn his light on he leaves the curtains open. I have been trying to get him into the habit of closing his curtains when he puts his light on. Every single time I find his curtains open and the light on I tell him he needs to close the curtains when he puts on the light. I never get a response or acknowledgement when I explain things to him. UNTIL.......he finally does what I have been telling him to do without me around to tell him to do it.

I went into his room this morning and he had the curtains open with no light. He watched Beauty and the Beast this morning and then went upstairs. I went into his room to put his clean laundry away and got very excited by what I saw. His light was on and he had closed his curtains. I gave my son high praise and he got that smile on his face that I love to see when he is being praised for doing something the right way. Yippee!!


Casdok said...

Yay!! You must be so proud! Hope he keeps it up!

Tripletmom said...

What kind of light bulbs do you use? If they are florescent, he might hate the blinking of them. I can see them blink and they make me nauseous and even give me migraines.

Isn't it great when something you've said 5000 times finally sinks in?!

Queenbuv3 said...

Tripletmom, Actually I hate the new "green" bulbs because they are flourescent and I only have daylight bulbs. I actually meant to mention to you that they are outlawing, I mean no longer making incandescent bulbs in a few years. I am dreading this and better start stockpiling the regular bulbs now. Unreal. They don't consider that some people are really bothered by it, especially people who have siezures triggered by the blinking.

Tripletmom said...

Yes, I know... ugh. Actually, my county is outlawing them sooner than the federal govt.

I don't only have the blinking lights problem, but my daughter is allergic to florescent lights (Ultraviolet light actually). One of the Lupus organizations is collecting stories to go to DC with, and I did participate in that (not that either of us have Lupus, but we have similar problems with light) but I doubt it will get anywhere.

I just cannot imagine having to get a prescription for light bulbs, and having to worry about "light bulb police" knocking on my door in the middle of the night ;P Maybe our insurance will pick up the cost? Doubt it! I am stocking up every time they go on sale.

They aren't so 'green' when you think about how much mercury is in them and that probably about 99.9% of the people who use them are going to throw them in the trash instead of bringing them to a special recycling place. Did you know that if you break a florescent bulb you are supposed to follow VERY strict guidelines for cleanup? Even remove the flooring in some cases? Hmmm... doubt that is going to happen either!

I should write a blog about this one.

Tripletmom said...

Oh... I think I forgot to type in the moderation thingy. Ack! Good thing I copied it before I sent it. I'm going to submit it again - if it shows up twice just reject the second one (and this one lol) Sorry!