Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stephen wrote a word to communicate!!!!!!

Stephen spontaneously wrote "DEMCO" on a piece of paper at school and took the staff to the library with the word. They couldn't figure out what it meant or what he wanted. I almost passed out when I saw that word written in the note from the teacher in his daily log. I know what that word is!! They are the school supply catalogs that he collects that he gets from school when they don't need them anymore!! He also wrote it with sidewalk chalk, sand and on paper with pencil and marker!!

My son doesn't write independantly and certainly not to communicate. He has a very weak grasp with a pen, pencil, etc and doesn't apply much pressure so usually we have him use a marker. He usually only copies things with a model or traces letters that are dotted lines. I called the teacher hoping she would still be there to tell her what the word meant. She said she figured it out after he left school and was sooooo excited that her persistance in having him practice his handwriting was paying off : ) He even wrote it for me when I gave him a pen and piece of paper!

I love when Stephen gives us proof that he is really in there. Those of us who know and love him know how smart he is and it's nice when we have a story to tell other people that shows he is a little diamond in the rough.


Anonymous said...

Woohoo! How exciting! Our son has been having more spontaneous statements lately! Some so everyday that I didn't even realize they came from him... until a second after! For example... I sneezed and normally my daughter would say "bless you" from wherever she is... instead... my son said, "bless you, mommy" and walked away... I said, "thanks Liam" and didn't realize what had just happened until 2 seconds later! I ran over, scooped him up and told him how wonderful he was! LOL. Love those moments... it's like sunshine!

Queenbuv3 said...

I know what you mean. My son has echolalia and recites lines from movies and tv shows all the time. His pronunciation isn't always clear so we don't always know what he is saying unless he says it over and over and we can figure it out. He sings songs. He also loves to make sound effect noises. He is always chattering and we sometimes tune into what he is saying and catch him actually quoting something and using it to communicate! I wonder how many times he has actually been talking to us and we just weren't tuned into what he was saying because he chatters and makes sound effects so much! His favorite movie right now is "Home on the Range" and one of his favorite quotes is, (Awesome! Do it again, do it again!" I told him this morning when he was saying it that that phrase could really come in handy when he likes something that someone is doing. He is always surprising us with new skills and it is exciting everytime he does something new : )

Patti, Zach and Molly's mom said...

I have tears in my eyes reading about your son's communication! How AWESOME!!! \o/ (My son has autism and he's a chatterbox too! LOL!)

Thanks for visiting my blog... I hope you'll try the chicken recipe. Although it sounds fancy... there really isn't much fuss to it! I love the Cake Mix Dr. cookbook too. I use it frequently!!

Queenbuv3 said...

Patti, Zach and Molly's Mom-Thanks for stopping by! I would love to try the recipes. I'll let you know how they come out when I do : )