Thursday, April 30, 2009

The hives...

The doctor put her on Zyrtec for 5 days and said that once she stops taking it if the hives return lather, rinse, repeat. Little joke there : ) She said if they return to put her back on it for 5 days again and do this cycle for 3-4 weeks or until they are gone once she is off of it. She said not to worry until she has had them come back every time she comes off the pills for 3-4 weeks. Then I guess we test her for food allergies and do other things to figure out what is going on. I just love how medicine is such a crap shoot. Poor Olivia can't catch a break. She is so sick of being sick!

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Anonymous said...

Been there, done that. Something about your histamines being all hyper-sensitive once they've reacted, so they want to give them time off... and see if they chilll out. Fun times. Bleck. :P

Hope your daughter feels better soon!