Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Do more with less!

In honor of Earth Day I have decided to share some of my Earth friendly and money saving tips.

I love these containers because they have easy off labels (just cut and peel, no glue) and are very sturdy and the perfect size for snacks or organizing little things and they look great!
I recycle my CLEAN paper towels. Whenever someone washes their hands they shake out the paper towel that they used and put it under the sink. Once they are dry I use these for cleaning up spills, cat barf or just cleaning with sprays.

This ice cream rocks. Let me say that I used to be an ice cream snob and only bought brand name ice cream. My husband is not as picky and in an attempt feed his ravenous ice cream habit while saving us money tried this brand. We buy it at Walmart for 6 bucks and change. It contains 1 gallon and one quart. It is a light ice cream but it is the creamiest and smoothest ice cream I have ever eaten. The containers also make great buckets. I have used them for cleaning, yard work and yes, my daughter's stomach flu.

This soap pump is a recycled generic hand soap pump. The base is a hummus container. I take stuck on labels off containers by using my blow dryer on high and slowly peeling the label off. If there are any sticky bits left I use the sticky side of the label I just pulled off to pull off the bits.

I made my own whole wheat bread crumbs today for the first time and they came out great! I prefer to feed my family whole wheat and whole grain products whenever possible. I love making turkey meatballs but hate using white bread crumbs. I have to travel 1/2 hour away to buy expensive whole wheat bread crumbs. No one in my family eats the ends of the bread loaf. My son will not take pills so we give him his liquid siezure medication on bread under grape jelly twice a day and go through a lot of bread. I started saving the ends about a month ago to try and make these bread crumbs and save us some money. I cooked 10 pieces in a single layer on 200 degrees for 1 1/2 hours. And grated them as shown above. Can't wait to make meatballs!!

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