Friday, July 24, 2009

Neurology, tummy troubles, sick hubby and shopping...

Stephen had a Neurology check up this morning. Pat woke up really sick. I can't drive in the city. I love my hubby and hated making him drive us but I just can't do it. I got rear ended really bad in November on my way home from taking Stephen to the dentist. I am terrified to drive in that city. I still have back pain every day. Of course today my back was screaming before my feet hit the floor. I also had tummy troubles that were very similar to when I ruptured an ovarian cyst a few months back. I won't go into details but let me just say that it included lots of trips to the bathroom at first, followed by waves of pain that make you feel like you need the bathroom but don't for a few hours. If there wasn't always a year long wait list for this appointment I would have canceled.

So we made it to the appointment in one piece. Pat and Olivia waited in car. Everything went well and I even managed to get my daughter her Neurology appointment that she has been wait listed for for almost 6 months. I wouldn't have even mentioned it to the receptionist if it wasn't for the fact that the Neurologist will be the one to order the MRI of her head and the lump on her back. The lump on her back concerns me. Not only did I get an appointment in August but it will be with Stephen's doctor : )

We hit BJ's on the way home. Stephen did really well. No headphones. He found a nursery rhyme book and Pat found a 2nd one for him. Stephen also picked out two kids educational computer software cds. Olivia picked out a 3 pack of Hannah Montana chapter books. It amazes me how well she reads!

We got back to town and my Hefty coupons had come in so after lunch Olivia and I went bargain hunting. Stephen was still in his room enjoying his new stuff. Pat, Olivia and I rented The Pink Panther 2 On Demand. Very funny : ) Pat almost made it to the end before he fell asleep. He has seen only 50% or 75% of most movies we have watched in the past couple of years. He works so hard and gets so little sleep and our recliner couch is way too comfy.

I got Olivia upstairs to get ready for bed and went downstairs to put clothes in the dryer. He let Olivia put his p.j.'s on. I didn't ask her to do it, she just wanted to. Such a sweet kid. I went on the computer and thought I heard Olivia talking. I went upstairs and she was reading Stephen's new books to him : ) He has wanted us to read to him for the past two nights. He made me read at least half of a 176 page Mother Goose book to him last night. We are working on using a bookmark to show him that we will come back to that page and finish reading the book or read more the next day. Pat read the other half of that book to him this morning even though he was sick as a dog.

He has been wanting to point out, have us point out or make us point out the words as we read them. He also wants to see what we are writing whenever we are writing something. I think he is slowly seeing that the written word or words on a page are a form of communication that he needs to master through his own reading and writing ability.
The day started out really yucky but got better as the day went on. My kids behaved well and were nice to each other. More days like this please, if anyone is taking orders. Minus the yucky beginning of course : )


Tripletmom said...

I hope you are all feeling a lot better very soon!

Glad you got in to the doc, and got the appt for Olivia. August - wow, that is great!

Great news about how Stephen is realizing the words on the page are communication!!!

Betsy said...

My boys love to point to the words as I read, too!
Hope you all feel better soon!