Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It really is HER pet

As all you moms out there know, when a hubby or child gets a new pet the responsibity of taking care of it usually ends up becoming yours. Yesterday, Olivia went to play with The Funkster and it and it's (no idea if it's a boy or girl) cage were wet. Was it water from his waterbottle or pee? Olivia didn't care what the source of the wetness was and decided the hamster's entire cage needed to be cleaned. Yes, she got her hands dirty and did what needed to be done to ensure the health and safety of her pet. Seeing her taking such good care of The Funkster made me very proud.
Yes, that is a little poop on The Funkster's side. She was not fazed.

She decided that just wiping the wetness off his wheel wasn't good enough and cleaned it with soap and water.

So fresh and clean. Yes, that is a bag of trash from cleaning out The Funkster's cage and she even brought it outside to the trash.


Alicia (aka Dr. Mom) said...

Ah, you are braver than I to let a hamster in the house. My husband and I are already stressing about the future hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, hermit crabs and fish. We love animals... just not in our house. :)

Im also LOL about the comment you just left on my "Planet" about our similar body issues - haha! YES! I am sooooo there w/ you. we are soul sisters! Everyone always thinks I'm "so skinny" but you can be skinny without having a 'good body' - im only speakin' for myself here. I may be smallish but its all soft and stretched out and unattractive. i guess thats why the saleslady thought i bigger. blah! i was glad to see im not the ONLY one! :) and yes, i too nursed all 4 and the boobs are.... um, shot. I wont go into graphic detail. :) I also agree - whatever... I would never do anything to alter my appearance. This is what happens when you become a mother. Who else sees me naked but me and my husband? noone. and neither of us CARES :)

Queenbuv3 said...

Alicia (aka Dr. Mom)-She has been cleaning it out everyday! I am a total clean freak so this helps me deal with having an animal in the house that runs around in its own pee and poop all day!

Yes, I don't get much sympathy from other people when I complain about my body and I just tell them they haven't seen me naked, LOL! I have learned what to wear to hide my flaws and I guess I do it well because everyone seems to think I have such a great body and shouldn't be complaining ; )

My biggest challenge is that I have sensory issues and need to wear ridiculously tight clothes to feel comfortable so looking good and hiding flaws in tight clothing is not easy!

You can complain to me anytime about your imperfect skinny bod. I promise I won't roll my eyes ; )

Tripletmom said...

WOW!!! It is amazing she is taking responsibility for her pet so seriously! Way to go, Olivia!!!