Saturday, October 24, 2009

I love it when I don't have to squeek to get the grease

Well, Stephen came home early on Wednesday because he threw up at school. It was totally random. He was just sitting there and then he ran to the bathroom. The fact that he knew to go to the bathroom is a plus. He hasn't thrown up much in his life, thank God, and when he has it has usually been with a seizure. We have only been able to get him to the bathroom a couple times before he has thrown up. He was fine right after and no signs that it was seizure related. I kept him home on Thursday just to be on the safe side.

I got a call on Thursday from my daughter's school principal, she is also part of Stephen's AT team because she used to be the PT and has training to do this type of evaluation, and she said that they would be bringing some devices to the school on Friday. Well, I talked to the teacher on Friday and she said they had postponed it until Monday. Hopefully, this is not the start of more delay tactics. I asked the principal if he was going to be able to bring the device home and she said yes. I also asked whether or not we would be able to get one through our insurance that we would own once they found one that worked for him and she said yes. All good so far. Now, I am hoping that he will take to something and be able to use it to communicate. Prayers and finger crossing are welcome : )

I have found many many times in my life that when I am trying really hard to make something happen and it isn't that I need to let go and let God. And sure enough things come to me and my family that we need. I have learned to get up everyday and go with the flow. Yes, I plan ahead for as much as I can but I remain open to things not going as planned and accepting it because I always find out later that it was for a good reason. Does this happen to any of you? It has made my life so much less stressful and strengthened my faith that God is out there and knows what we need better than we do and is always guiding us down the path we should be on. Even the "negative" times in my life happened for a reason, to teach me something I needed to learn or make me appreciate the good times more when I have them.

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