Monday, October 5, 2009

Alive and kicking!

We are all still here! I know I have been MIA for a while. Lots of good things to report!

My dad and stepmother Cecile visited from Maine. We hadn't seen them in years and it was a great visit!

Pat went to the NASCAR race in NH and had a blast! I got him a pit pass and he was in heaven being so close to all the equipment and hung out at Jeff Burton's pit box.

He gave a picture that Olivia drew of her favorite driver's car, Jeff Gordon, to his pit crew and they put it in his pit box.

Olivia made it through about 45 minutes of her MRI before she started crying and getting really upset. Pat took her to the appointment because they were going to the ginormous fair that is a big deal in this area every year. No big surprise, she was a daredevil and went on rides that would make an adult wet their pants!

We are supposed to get a call from her Neuro this week with the results of what they were able to scan. We know the cervical scan was normal. Depending on how much they were able to scan and the results she may or may not need to do another scan under sedation.
Stephen has been doing great and not had any seizures since we increased his meds. I spoke with the Neuro and she said that it sounds like he had a complex partial seizure which is a relief.
We got his state testing results from last year and he is progressing and got all 3's and 4's (4 and 5 are the highest in different categories). Go Stephen!!
He started working in the school library which is going very well and he gets to take home a library book everyday. Of course, he has always picks a Mother Goose book ; )
I am back from my mental vacation and have been very productive. I finally started listing all the kids outgrown clothes on ebay. We dismantled the sensory room because Stephen wasn't using it and turned it into my office/craft room. We packed everything else away, except the tote of sensory toys which is in his room, in case he seems interested in those things again. We switched bedrooms with Stephen. We didn't need all the space in our room and now that he has our room there is room for the trampoline which he is using now that it is in his bedroom.
I think that it was really important to listen to my mind and body and take a break and be lazy when I felt like it. I think we all get overwhelmed and exhausted mentally as parents, especially when we have kids with multiple issues. As long as it doesn't turn into a downward spiral which I think can happen for some people. I know myself and I know that I have a week here or there where I've just had too much on my plate and it's time to take a break.
Do any of you have those "mental vacations" where you just want to lay around in your jammies all day and watch tv or play on the computer?


Jenn said...

A vacation? What's that? Just kidding. I am glad you got the break you needed, with a new hair style too! It looks like Olivia had an awesome time at the fair. I hope you get all good news from the doctor about her MRI!

Anonymous said...

Beth, please come back and blog with us, by the way we are so jealous, Jeff Gordon is our favorite Nascar driver too!

Alicia (aka Dr. Mom) said...

yes, but MY version of a mental vacation slightly resembles a mental breakdown :). thanks for you really cool comment on my blog... it helps not to feel so "alone" ya know?

anyway, im glad youre back from your blogging hiatus. the pics looks so fun! keep us posted with all the neuro stuff and your kids...

Queenbuv3 said...

Alicia-I really hope that if you feel like you are having a breakdown that you seek some help. You can't help anyone else if you aren't taking care of yourself : )