Monday, October 19, 2009

Don't believe the hype! My universal healthcare crusade

I just watched "Sicko"twice this week. The first time I watched it by myself and cried harder than I have cried in a long time. If you have a heart in your chest that is beating you can't help but be disturbed by the content of this movie and how it exposes the health insurance companies as nothing more than corporations out to make as much money as possible while injuring, making sicker and killing people in the name of profit. I have become obsessed with researching this issue. What I am finding is making me want to shout from the hill tops that others need to stop believing all the lies and propaganda about how universal healthcare would be worse than the system we have now.

Do you realize our country is ranked 37 in the world for healthcare quality!!!!???

We spend the most per person on healthcare and we are the only industrialized nation without universal healthcare! If it is such a horrible system than why are we the only ones without it!?

Why should you pay for other's care? Because it is the right thing to do! I believe we are judged as a society by how we treat the least among us. I also believe healthcare is a RIGHT. I have actually had people who identify as Christian say to me,"Why should I have to pay to take care of other people?" Hello! Hyprocitical!

Plus, we already have free services that are paid for with our taxes and private contributions-free library, free police and fire service, free mail delivery and free public education. I guess if you are so against free healthcare for all because you are going to have to pay for other people to access it than you are probably willing to get rid of these free services and institutions as well. Yeah, right. I don't see that happening.

If everyone got more preventative care and sought help for minor ailments before they became seriously ill it would save money on healthcare and we would be a much more productive and happier country.

Even people WITH health insurance are allowed to become sicker or even die because they are being denied care for things as serious as cancer treatment and life saving surgery so the insurance company can make a boat load of money. Isn't health insurance there to help you when you are sick or injured? Can you imagine being forced into bankruptcy or foreclosure because you are trying to pay medical bills not covered by your insurance? Can you imagine watching a loved one die because the insurance company is refusing the treatment their doctor is recommending they receive to save their life!!??

I have been researching and talking my hubbies ear off about it since my first viewing. All of my research has convinced me further that we need universal healthcare now!

I watched it a second time with my hubby. Now he understands my motivation and obsession with this topic. My hubby is not as easily upset and driven to action as I am and after seeing "Sicko" and listening to the other info I have gathered, he is on a mission to talk to anyone who will listen about this issue.

Our family is poor enough that we have free health insurance funded by the state. As any avid follower of this blog knows we have 2 kids on medication and they both have visits to specialists frequently and have had a lot of dental problems. My children would be very sick and we would become homeless trying to pay meds and for insurance through my husband's employer. My husband works for a very small company and that is why the health insurance is so expensive. I don't know what we will do when one day we make a penny over the cutoff for income and have to start paying for health insurance and co pays and makes my heart and head hurt just thinking about it.

Have any of you had problems with being denied care by your insurance company or God forbid, known someone who died as a result of a denial of care?

Do any of you not have health insurance and if so how has this impacted your life and the decisions you make in seeking treatment or not paying bills so you can afford medicine?

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