Thursday, March 25, 2010

My son, "The Last Sandbender"

We bought Stephen his first outdoor sandbox last weekend. Today was only the 2nd time he was able to play in it due to the rain on Monday and Tuesday. These pictures capture just how purposeful "stimming" is for people on the Autism spectrum. Check out the different shapes and movement he creates with the different ways he manipulates the sand.


The McNultys said...

Yay, Stephen! That's just awesome!! Laurie's started making little collections of things that are alike but different. For example - three different Barbie dolls, three different shaped lighted pumpkins from Halloween, etc. I'd call it stimming, but I just think it's a new way of sorting :)

K- floortime lite mama said...

I love this picture
You are so right this is not stimming - this is vert purposeful interaction with sand
Thank you for your very thoughtful comment on my post - I think you and I both get it
Really appreciate it

Brenda said...

So glad you captured these photos like this. I have never thought of it this way. My son loves to throw sand. Big problem in a public sandbox or inside. I know because of his visual problems, he doesn't see a continuous motion (often), just intermittent pictures. Your photos have allowed me to see WHY he loves throwing sand. I mean, HOW COOL IS THAT?! Thank you, thank you!

Queenbuv3 said...

Brenda-I'm so glad this helped you : ) I didn't realize either how much my son is really being creative when he throws sand or water until I photographed him doing it. The only thing I worry about is him getting sand in his eyes or anyone else's eyes when he is really getting into it!

Casdok said...

Wonderful photos :)
Well captured! I love stimming with my son.

Hartley said...

These are great photos! I love to see how the sand is truly moving in different ways. Great purposeful play.