Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Using an ipod touch and Proloquo2go as a communication device

Over the weekend Pat got an ipod touch. I was looking through the app advertisements and came across Proloquo2go which is an app that can turn the ipod touch or ipod touch phone into a communication device. A couple of people had mentioned that they had heard of an app that you could use with the ipod touch but I never pursued looking into it becuase I just didn't realize how accessible and affordable it could be. We have been jumping through hoops with the school district and their very slow pace of aquiring something for Stephen and I am sick of waiting! Once I saw the demo video I was immediately excited and wanted to get one for Stephen asap! Click on the link for introductory videos once you get to the website to see what it can do.

We are getting grant money to buy the ipod touch, this app, a case and a 2 year warranty which will be a total cost of about $500.00. We won't have to wait for the school district to test out all these archaic devices and wait for the insurance company to approve a device for him. Most AC devices cost $5,000 and up and it's a big production to get one. I will definitely keep you all posted on how Stephen does with it once we get it and he gets used to using it. $500 is not cheap but it is a lot more affordable and an ipod touch and this app is much more accessible to the general public.

Do any of you know anyone who has used this for their children?


Sunday said...

Love it! This sounds like a really great stride for our kids who need assistance with communication.
I am going to look further into this as well. Thanks so much for sharing!

Hartley said...

I don't personally know of anyone, but my hubby is a HUGE geek, so let me know how it works and maybe I can get one to check it out. :)

Also, I published this on my comments for you, but here are the instructions...they would be helpful, huh? LOL

Great question--should've thought of that myself!

1. See the code under the button?
Click in that box and select all, you can do this by simply pressing Ctrl A. Then copy it by using Ctrl C (or you can use the right click on your house to do both operations).
2. Go to your blog dashboard and click "Layout".
3. Under Layout, click on "Add a Gadget"
4. Select HTML/Java Code
5. Paste the code from my blog, into that window with the right mouse function or Ctrl V
6. Give it a title like, "Hey there are seven senses!"
7. Click save
8. Click "View Blog"
9. Da Da! There it is

You can go into the layout anytime to drag and drop the gadet into another location if you wish.

Thanks for asking Queen!

The McNultys said...

Our speech therapist says it is wonderful for older kids (my autistic daughter is 3). We are soon to be getting the Dynavox V.