Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Autism and stimming, echolalia

Here is an example of Stephen stimming, for a about 2 minutes before I shot the video, and how he is able to stop and clean up without becoming upset. I think he was upset with me telling him how to do it, LOL! I am known for being a control freak, I mean bossy, I mean assertive. This used to be a basket that had soft toys in it that we designated as appropriate for him to toss in his room. He wasn't using it for about a year so we put cat toys in it and put it in the living room. This is the first time he has done this with the cat toys since we repurposed the basket and moved it to the living room.

We have never restricted his stimming, unless it was a safety issue or inappropriate in what he was doing or in a particular setting.

This video shows Stephen fidgeting or stimming with his necklace. If any of you parents know of a more stylish but just as fun necklace that I can make or purchase, please let me know! He is also exhibiting his echolalia, repeatedly saying the same thing over and over. This clip shows him quoting Dr. Seuss's "The Hoober Bloob Highway" . Those of you familiar with this movie will probably be able to make out what he is saying. I think he likes that particular movie so much because the baby is given a choice of who they want to be and I think, from various things that Stephen has been expressing lately, he wishes he were more "normal" : ( When I shot a bunch of these little clips yesterday he got upset watching himself. Have any of you with older children with Autism had this experience? Have your children as they have gotten older started to realize how different they are and been upset by it?

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